Veggie Spirulina

By · Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Veggie Spirulina

The importance of green leaves, vegetables and fruits in Candida diet.Why is important to eat plenty of fresh greens, vegetables, fresh vegetables in your diet or Candida? Some reasons are: Leafs and vegetables are a great source of minerals like iron, zinc, potassium. In addition to calcium and magnesium and leaves of vegetables are a source of salts folic acid, which are essential for the synthesis of the vitamin. Some of these vegetables contain acids including Omega 3.

In any diet of the more difficult is the transition to the new diet. Candida is difficult to change to free diet. In our contemporary world, all of us, accustomed to fast food and drive-thru, packaged and processed foods, are getting very difficult to transition to fresh vegetables, leaves and fruits. For most of us probably will be much easier to initiate change from green drinks. Green drinks are easy to prepare and are made from low temperature of the ingredients dry powder that can be alfalfa grass powder barley juice, spirulina, spinach powder, chlorella, green drinks etc are really easy to prepare: just stir in water and drink it down. The taste of green drink and its taste is quite mild.

The other positive point is that a variety of green powders are available and you have a great chance to choose. I do not insist that from green powdered instant drinks are the answer. That's just a good start for a day and a diet. With these drinks can learn to enjoy the taste of green and healthy food.

Celery and romaine lettuce are a perfect for a second phase of the diet. After you can "go green", and preparation of daily meals as

– A spinach salad

– Steamed cabbage with spicy tahini sauce

– Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

– Rocket salad with lemon and olives

– Julienned cabbage salad with black olive oil and chili flakes

– The Dandelion garlic with poached eggs and raw May

– The subject of a handful of fresh leaves of purslane in your salad

– And the addition fresh green grass to finish dishes

Green smoothies are another great way to get the daily dose of vegetables in a very tasty. They have fruit in them, so if you are doing a candida diet at the time you can expect to start making those until you are in balance.

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Marvin S. Maly is a practising surgeon with a deep interest in yeast infections.

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