Vintage Aquarium

By · Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Vintage Aquarium
What type of ceramics, paints and varnishes used in aquarium decorations?

You know the classics? I can not find any, for I want to do my type of pottery own.what i used, what type of paint and what kind of varnish? I know it has to be non toxic, but what is certain for aquarium use?

There are a lot of clays and glazes that are harmful to fish. Many terra cotta formulas have a high iron content and, finally, that iron leach into the water. Many underglaze and glaze containing copper, chromium, cadium, magneseum and other chemicals that are lethal to fish. It also depends on what type of aquarium: salt or sweet? The clay body would be more secure a ceasefire white stoneware and porcelain dinnerware with a clear safe dinnerware varnish. I would recommend a clay body that fires to cone 6. Personally, I would not recommend wearing anything homemade in a fish tank, especially if you have saltwater fish.

vintage commercial – The New England Aquarium

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