Violet Sterilizer

By · Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Violet Sterilizer
UV Sterilizer?

Hello, I need one for a marine tank? essential? and what does? Thanks ….

agree with the first, the key is an excellent marine debris filtration, using a string wet dry filtration system to raise beneficial bacteria to the tank. However, if it is just a fish tank (no coral, inverts), then you can use a sterilizer to reduce harmful bacteria and pathogens. However, this eliminates bacteria that control the waste from the water tank water changes and requiring water filtration even stronger with perhaps an ammonia and nitrite / nitrate reducer. so that is the key then. fish tank, then I use one, as well as maintain an acceptable level of copper in the water tank additional control. If you have a reef tank then by all means do not. you kill the bacteria needed to break down and you were of the organisms in the tank, and the fact that several tube worms, crabs and coral anemones use of these organisms as a food source. good luck

Sterilization Water with Light and Ozone : DigInfo

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