Washer Aquarium

By · Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Washer Aquarium
Where can I find a steel washer that is 2 7 / 8 "diameter and 1 / 9" thick? See details?

I have a Currentally product that uses a number of steel that comes from Automobils Chryslar. I'm looking for my new design of molds and need something to ENOUGH for weight. This is a filter sponge aquarium that needs to pull his weight to the bottom of the tank. Does anyone have any idea about what else, besides washing machines? I need something generic, like a washing machine and the sand is not heavy enough.

Try a supplier of nuts and bolts, (yellow pages) may have to use more than one washer to get the proper weight, wedge washers are available in various sizes and are much thinner than regular washers that can be used are two or three together to get the weight and thickness you need.

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