Water Conditioner

By · Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Water Conditioner

Yes, the most important thing for the new tank of freshwater fish is changing the water. Why? Well, the water changes involve more than removing water from the tank and replacing it. You have to consider the condition that the water being replaced, and the amount of water to remove. These may affect the quality of water, and the health of your aquarium.

Colonies of beneficial bacteria grow on all surfaces in the tank. These bacteria are part of the biological filter, it that lets them thrive will help improve the quality of the biological filtration system.

Each time you clean the fish tank that you must remove 10-15% of the water and replace it with fresh dechlorinated tap water (containers and small tanks require larger water changes more frequently). While you are doing this, you should use your vacuum to siphon some of the collected waste in the gravel. If you have a water filter under it is very important to clean the gravel when you does water changes every week or every two weeks, and this will remove particles of waste and oxygenate the substrate, thus allowing nutrients and oxygen to reaching biological bacteria that live in the gravel. Usually you can clear 25-33% of the gravel to siphon water 10-15%.

What need?

· A siphon
• A new brand dedicated 5-gallon or larger bucket
• A water source

Place the bucket and siphon near the aquarium in preparation for the change of water.

Turn off all electricity to avoid danger. Heaters can break if exposed to excessive air, as it will heat the room temperature. Filters can go dry if water levels are below the suction pipe.

Place the suction of its siphon into the tank and the aspiration of home. How to do this depends on the type of trap you have. Make sure the other end is below the final in the tank so that gravity pulls down the water in the bucket.

Remove solid waste within the tank by gently deflect the sand to collect settled debris. Imagine a chess board on the background square and square clean. Have the end gravel aspire to aspire not to all fish.

When the bucket is almost full removal of the equipment of the fish tank to break the trap, and dispose of the water.

After removing the desired amount of water, you can start adding fresh water. If you add water to the bucket, rinse first, and use of any condition, while the water is still in the bucket. If you use a trap-filled car that connects to the tap water, dissolve the conditioner in a little water and add that as soon as the tank is full.

Connect any electrical equipment that you disconnected earlier.

Just a few notes:

Using a cleaning gravel trap whenever you do a water change to remove all particles trapped in the gravel and remove dissolved contaminants.

"Although I love Use auto-filled traps and so far I have not had any problems, be aware that the addition of untreated water in your tank can lead to disaster. If you prefer, provided water before adding to your system.

"Always use room temperature water, never use hot water to adjust the temperature. The hot water contains a higher amount of heavy metals such as copper and lead. Heavy metals can be removed from tap water by the addition of "sticky" water conditioners. These products contain chemicals that bind these metals, making them harmless. Carbon and certain resins also remove heavy metals from water.

-It 's better than doing smaller water changes more often than a large water change size. Doing this will keep the water quality change too drastically.

-You can change the water during the cycling. The normal water change does not affect this process after 2-3 weeks.

"Always let your tap water to run to least five minutes before use. This will help decrease the dissolved heavy metal content.

Happy Fish!

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