Water Probe

By · Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Water Probe

Free software is different from others in offering a range of analytical solutions based on indirect and reference methods. FOSS NIR provides analysis and control of all the production process from raw material to finished product and from routine analysis online and in-line process control.

Centered FOSS analytical solutions are used in the dairy, wine, edible oils, confectionery, pet food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cereals, beer, food and fodder and milling industries.

FOSS NIR is used in near infrared spectroscopy in solutions as Infratec, food and wine exploration exploration.
The dual X-ray technology, as used in MeatMaster to measure the fat content of meat fresh, frozen, boxed and loose. With the near-infrared technology of the ballast is also used to simplify and speed up traditional microbiological analysis, As used in MicroFoss.

Advanced Calibration Technologies FOSS NIR, as PLS and ANN (artificial neural network) which provide simple and reliable solutions for tasks of high complexity analysis.

FT NIR technology is also used as part of automated wet chemical analysis and analysis automated image for visual inspection of grain, as used in Cervitec and Rice Analyzer

FT NIR technology uses software that facilitates the analysis of measurement results and that helps to monitor and control production processes.

FOSS NIR Systems offers a new probe for monitoring culture media of mammalian cell culture. With the path length optimized for culture media, this new design is sterilized in place (SIP). The small diameter probe design is easily adapted for use in bench-scale bioreactors for the top and to the pilot plant reactors and manufacturing.

Nine bioprocess probes multiply to form a FOSS XDS Process Analytics near infrared (NIR) Analyzer. Our analyzers key issue of low concentration analytes in culture growth media, allowing optimization of fermentation. Feedback control is available through digital protocols.

FOSS NIR system is the world's leading manufacturers of near infrared analytical instruments and consists of a complete range of rapid scanning, near infrared spectrophotometers for laboratory applications and process.

The near infrared reactance is also very useful in measuring body fat. With near infrared reactance fiber probe optics is connected to a digital analyzer that measures the composition of tissues and to measure the fat and water in various parts of the body. The majority of the common body part that uses this methodology, near infrared reactance is the biceps to estimate body fat by the NIR method. Light passes NIR through tissue and bone is reflected in the detector. The NIR data is entered into a prediction equation with the person's height, weight, frame size, and activity level to estimate the percentage of body fat.

Alston is an eminent analyst and writer which are writing about NIR analyzer. For more info visit at http://www.foss-nirsystems.com.

India’s own probe found water on moon

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