Water Thermometer

By · Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Water Thermometer
How do I use a thermometer for Pepsi frozen liquids, water and orange juice?

im doing a project for the science fair with liquid I do not know how to measure the ice please help im saying how could record the temperature when its frozen?

I'm not sure if a thermometer of the hand would be accurate enough to measure the temperature of the ice, it would only be for the outside temperature at best. Your trying to gauge what the temperature the solution freezes? I would put in a glass in the freezer (set at a maximum setting in cold) Put the thermometer in the cup, but make sure of not having to touch the tip of either side of the glass, only the liquid, or to obtain a false reading. Thus, only measuring the temperature of the liquid, check in every 5 min or less and take a temperature reading and marking time, once the liquid begins to freeze it has been freezing. At that time all the heat is absorbed by the liquid is used to freeze the remaining liquid (the temperature should not vary much from the ice in the remaining unfrozen liquid …) I hope this helps (when the liquid is water freezes -> low at 0 degrees C -> water freezes -> cooler and ice to reach equilibrium with the environment. 0degrees C is left until all of the liquid freezes) If you just put a thermometer in the liquid and freeze it, you get the freezing temperature, if you leave it on all night to reach equilibrium

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