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While ecotourism and tourism may seem similar, there is a different between them. Does this mean that the statement: Â "Ecotourism in tourism" is false? Not exactly, you see, one is a narrower term than the other. Let me explain it in greater detail.

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a form of tourism. You see, as in tourism, which reaches some of the same goals that are both educational and entertaining. Contrary to tourism animal life such as dolphins can be seen in their natural habitat rather than an artificial environment created by humans as an aquarium.

The educational objective is primarily to educate tourists about the characteristics, habits, habitat and the dangers that affect wildlife. Entertainment is provided by appearances, exciting and surprising and sometimes sample of animals in nature. For example, tourists can see a pod of dolphins playing together for a tour of observation dolphins.

This form of tourism has been used for centuries, but has recently reached a new level of interest from tourists which explains a higher rate of tourists exploring ecotourism. This type of bond is the reason why some people wonder: Is it ecotourism in tourism? Â "

What is tourism?

Tourism is a way of inviting visitors to explore the area from various angles, eg during excursions. This also is considered an important part of the national economy of a country's industry. Tourism is a broader term that includes a variety of ways to educate and entertain tourists, both natural and artificial settings.

For example, ecotourism, it is possible to observe dolphins in their natural habitat, while in tourism, whether you can look out a spectacle offered by a local aquarium or re-trained to swim with dolphins in an artificial lagoon. This is ecotourism in tourism? Leta explore this a little more.

Ecotourism is part of tourism?

While some people say they are two different things, various aspects tend to indicate that ecotourism is part of the great family of tourism. What are those issues? Here are some of them.

1. Both increase the benefits of sponsorship tourists.

2. Both can be used to educate the travel and / or entertain visitors.

3. Both require a permit.

4. Both should pay dividends to the government in the tourism industry.

5. Both include wildlife tours, one in the wild, and the other a man of adjustment.

6. They must follow safety rules.

7. Both require the guidance of professionals.

8. Both allow the use of security cameras within it's a problem.

What are the main differences between ecotourism and tourism?

These two terms are similar but have their differences. Leta compare tourism in an aquarium during a presentation and ecotourism in a dolphin watching tour in the wild.

1. Dolphins are trained captured, sometimes cruelly, into a confined space and forced to perform for food. Some are even too stressed or die of depression.

2. Dolphins in the wild are free, are not separated from their pods, but the dangers they face, such as predators, fishermen, nets, pollution and more.

3. Chumming is a method often used to attract marine life. Unfortunately, it also attracts sharks and has been responsible for the presence of increasing of sharks in the areas beaches.

4. Feeding dolphins in the wild can create problems if the dolphins start depending on it. Feeding in man-environment made his natural instinct as a hunter disappears and they become solely dependent on humans. Worse, they often perform tricks to be fed properly.

5. Some companies who claim to be cheaper in the ecotourism industry can alter and adversely affect the dolphins and their habitat.

6. Some organizations consider the use of dolphins for therapy, entertainment or other form of tourism activity such as swimming with dolphins is a form of slavery and animal exploitation.

7. Some Trainers use abusive methods while training dolphins.

8. During a tour of dolphin, some tourists feed the dolphins certain elements that may endanger the safety of the Dolphins "as a joke A '".

9. Some environmentalists say that nature should be left alone and is bad to operate in the name of profit.

What is the answer?

The answer is this. Eco tourism is a statement correct as ecotourism is part of the tourism industry. It's a specialty that is exploited in the name of tourism to give tourists the opportunity to learn, observe and enjoy wildlife in their natural habitat. Is it wrong to enjoy a dolphin watching tour? The answer is: No! Â "While the company offered the opportunity follow the safety rules, has a permit, a professionally trained staff and follow the laws and respect the natural habitat of dolphins and other marine species, it is safe to say: Â Why not enjoy such a fantastic opportunity? Â "

My name is Sylvie Leochko. I love dolphins and everything about them. My love of this topic is the main reason why I wish to share a few things with you. If you wish to learn more about this topic, I invite you to go to my website: http://dolphins-and-more.com or read a few informative news and articles on my blog: http://facts-about-dolphins.blogspot.com

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