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By · Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Watt Hqi

Freshwater aquarium is not complete without proper lighting. This is often overlooked. There is adequate illumination could end up being an exercise expensive.

Without the correct lighting, plants and fish wither and die.

It is also necessary to consider all the lights generate heat. The more powerful lighting systems obviously going to generate more heat and require better temperature control than the less powerful lighting.

A wide selection of lighting.

Selecting the proper lighting for a given situation is important. These are three basic styles, but different from the illumination of freshwater aquarium.

It is the basis of standard fluorescent light. This is often used in smaller tanks in the not reside plant life. This type of lighting is very suitable for fish, but not sufficient for plant life.

Then you'll be light compact fluorescent. This can be used in tanks that contain more than 55 gallons or more. You can add plants safely when using this type of lighting.

The third option is the VHO or very high performance. This illumination of freshwater aquarium is suitable for tanks containing 100 gallons or more. If you want to have plants then this type of lighting is right for them.

There are four criteria to consider in connection with the lighting for a tank of water sweet

  1. The number of lumens per watt
  2. Lumens per watt
  3. PAR and
  4. Watts

As a basic rule of thumb here is an overview that is suitable for various lighting conditions:

It is important that you know Kelvin Qualifiers that make use of:

Many enthusiasts recommend 10,000 K. They say they are the safest option. These lights provide excellent clarity of bright white that looks amazing. Most owners of aquarium this is the best option for viewing. Having a freshwater aquarium is considered a hobby and derive great pleasure of having a tank that looks attractive and has functional and attractive lighting.

If you double the natural lighting conditions that greatly increase the survival and growth rates of life water. Creating realistic closest thing to an eco-system as possible will allow your plants and fish life and all its organisms to survive in an environment that is as close to nature as possible.

You will receive great pleasure of seeing your freshwater aquarium grow and prosper.

Adam McConnell is the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Freshwater Aquariums” which provides more detail on freshwater aquarium lighting – compulsory reading for anyone considering a freshwater aquarium.

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