Watt Power

By · Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Watt Power
What is the best you can get the graphics card to a power supply of 300 watts?

I have a Gateway computer gt5242e processor AMD Athlon 64 4000 + 2.41 GHz and I added 1 gig or ram to it so it's now 2 gigs of ram, I want to run mass effect, what is the best card can be obtained by a power supply of 300 watts to run this game? or is it possible to upgrade my power supply without frying my computer? say, maybe a power supply of 400 watts?

To continue using the stock 300W PSU, you want a PCI Express video card that consumes less than 75 watts of electricity. How can you say PCIe card consumes less than 75 watts of power? Easy. These are the cards that do not have the power connector 6-pin. The 6-pin is required for cards that draw more than 75 watts. Currently, more powerful cards that attract less than 75 watts are the nVidia 9500GT and ATI HD4670. Neither have the 6-pin. Hope that this help.

A Messy Hook Up Job On My 2400 Watt Power Acoustik Amp and Kenwood Subwoofers

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