Watt Quartz

By · Friday, January 15th, 2010

Watt Quartz

This is always going to be a difficult issue to address, especially since there are many variables involved and each property is different. The things that affect operating expenses in a house are insulated floors, no double glazing, no insulation in the walls of the cavity, and humans!

If human beings A-What feels hot to warm can not be for me and so on, all have different comfort levels and this will have an effect on operating costs.

Radiant floor heating has been shown to reduce heating costs up to 40% overall, this is achieved with a comfortable temperature lower value so do not use much electricity to heat your home. If you think the whole floor gently radiates heat from the feet up the body beyond which will naturally feel warm from the heat and cools as it rise past you, you do not feel around his head covered, unlike the radiators.

Radiators use convection heat, which means simply that heat rises straight up to the ceiling, it cools and returns by creating projects!

Most modern systems of underfloor heating in the market today incorporate high-tech digital thermostats to regulate temperature and maximize efficiency energy, one of the thermostats AUBE main market is the TH-132-F, this statistic incorporates a microprocessor PIR systems analysis of previous results in order to optimize future commands at the beginning of each cycle, it sends a signal that defines how long, heated for the next cycle, in order to save energy.

To calculate the operating costs need to first find out how many watts per m² of MA which then times the watts by the amount of MA ² they have, this will then tell you have many kWatts to develop consumption and cost. We will base this example on a system of 150w per sqm 10 mA ² ² floor space

10 mA ² x 150w = 1500w / 1000 to give the Kw = 1.5 kW x 0.08p (or what you pay for a kilo watt of electricity) = 12p per hour in office, then once the system has warmed to the temperature to be implemented in approximately 40% of energy to keep it at that temperature set 12p x 40% = 4.8p per hour thereafter.

This is a crude way of working out, but will give you a general idea, ita is not an exact calculation, but along well in helping to determine how much might cost, this also relies on having a modern, well insulated floors and windows.

Underfloor Heating is one of the most efficient forms of domestic and commercial heating today. Most underfloor heating systems are aimed at the DIY market but if you donÂ’t fancy doing it your self then why not contact us for a free no obligation quotation.


Kutztown University TV (1986) TVR 511 “Eyes to the Soul” short film

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