Watt Reef

By · Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Watt Reef

Fish and other creatures thrive in a comfortable environment. Part of keeping her comfortable is to maintain a constant temperature. Today we will see how maintaining the temperature. Maintaining the temperature is not only important for the comfort of your fish, but also welfare. If not kept at a constant temperature, fish become stressed and are more prone to disease or die unexpectedly.

As you can see, a heater is an essential part of your aquarium. But before buying a heater for your tank, you will need to consider in your aquarium is located. Will it be placed in a room that is exposed to too much or too little sun? What is the temperature average room rate at which place the fish? Fish will be near a device that emits very hot?

These are all things that should be considered before purchasing their first heater. When ready to purchase your heater, you have several options to choose from. The first option is an immersion heater. This is the cheapest option for the amateur again. These immersion heaters work by hanging in the aquarium. They usually have a clear line known as the line water. Do not immerse the heater beyond this point or are at risk of permanent damage. While they are cheap, with an immersion heater hanging from his aquarium is not very attractive Which brings us to option number two.

Submersible heaters are a popular alternative to immersion heaters because they may be totally immersed in his tank and are not hung as unattractive. However, they are more expensive than their counterparts, immersion heaters. You can choose the temperature fairly easily with this device. One of the features you may enjoy if you decide to purchase a submersible heater is natural look allows you to maintain your aquarium.

If you do not like any of the above options and have a larger budget, you would like to try a filter heater. A filter heater works by heating the water moves through the filter. Water will be able to maintain a constant temperature if you decide to use this device. This heater is outside the aquarium and Therefore, visually attractive to fans who do not wish to use an immersion heater or even waterproof. This is a more expensive option and you have to compare the price against the visual appeal.

For now, it is likely that a decision on which heater style you want, but you may still feel Curiosity about the size. If you are using a small tank, you can use a small heater. If you have a larger tank, you have more warming. If you are using a twenty gallons, which will receive the most benefit from a fifty watt heater. For every ten liters above, add another twenty-five-fifty watts.

Brian Wong is a freshwater fish enthusiast, and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby. His newest book, “The Ultimate Guides To Freshwater Aquariums” teaches aquarists everything they need to know about starting and maintaining a thriving freshwater aquarium. For more great information on freshwater aquarium temperature, visit http://www.freshwateraquariumguides.com

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