Watt Titanium

By · Friday, October 9th, 2009

Watt Titanium
how many watts heater Is it necessary for a tank of 95 liters?

75 AGA with sump 20 gallon? I have a good deal on a 300 WATT Titanium heater that shouldn't be much right? Too is better than not enough to heat my habit have to work over time?

Well, the general rule for heating in an aquarium is that you want 3 watts per gallon, so this means you want to 285 watts. So, yes, the heater 300 watts will be perfect! *** EDIT *** because others are saying the rule is 5 watts per gallon, which is not bad, is just another version, I just wanted to ensure that I EHEIM Jager heater box, and says that 90 per gallon, will have 250 watts. However, I also realized that with a tank large, may be better to have two heaters (one on each side), so maybe if possible you can buy like2 150 watts, or 2 instead of 200 watts. Good Lucky

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