Wheat Germ

By · Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Wheat Germ

Constipation have been feeling for some time, but you still have to put face "I'm fine" for a presentation of the work or the parent-teacher or spouse's birthday dinner or any number of life events that require their presence. So suffer, making sure you've located the nearest bathroom and dreaming of the time you can leave and return to the comfort of your own home.

What if constipation challenges regular irregular make you oh so might have disappeared without a trace? Courage, dear reader, there is hope here. Follow these six simple tips to two weeks and relieve constipation forever!

1. Be aware of your fiber intake. Fiber helps you to feel completely satisfied after a meal and breaks the food slowly. That means that sugar, or glucose enters the bloodstream more slowly. Your body will tell when you have enough fiber giving more regular and less painful bowel movements and a reduction in episodes of constipation.

2. Use wheat germ or flax seed ground into a meal. Start with a tablespoon and a half a day and see how you feel. Gradually increase the amount of recommended serving suggestion. You can put any of these products in the yogurt, oatmeal, applesauce, salads and more!

3. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables to a serving per day. Also can serve as a delicious snack while giving you more fiber.

4. Eat dark green leafy vegetables at least once a day.

5. Increasing the amount water you drink in the morning and afternoon in order to hydrate the intestines.

6. Any form of exercise that will help stimulate the bowels, such as yoga, stretching, walking and walking long distances, running or pilates. Any form of exercise that you feel comfortable with the will to be good for you while you stick with it at least three times a week.

Following these tips will increase your overall health while ending their challenges of constipation. IsnÂ't is a relief to give a little relief?

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Randi studied holistic nutrition, changed her diet and healed herself of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Hypoglycemia and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She is sharing this information and her ebook (I Healed Myself from IBS and You Can Too!) on her website at http://www.happyhealing.net

Wheat Germ

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